2019 trainers

We've assembled a dream-team of trainers with comprehensive knowledge of all things ARCHICAD. In addition to presentations and group sessions, your trainers will be available for one-on-one instruction through the ARCHICAD Concierge program.



ANTHONY LANEY - architect & owner at laney la


Anthony Laney.png

Anthony is an architect and designer who is devoted to bringing out the best in creative teams. With his wife Krista, he leads his own architectural practice, LANEY LA, focusing on serving home and business owners in Los Angeles.

Follow Laney LA at www.Laney.LA or on Instagram at ww.instagram.com/laneylainc

He began his career with the renowned design-build firm Marmol-Radziner working for clients as distinguished as Tom Ford and Tadao Ando. Graduating at the top of his class from the USC School of Architecture, he won seventeen class commendations and received numerous recognitions including the AIA Medal and Studio Design Award. Anthony was also featured in GRAPHISOFT’s ByDesign Series: Season 1 Episode 1.

Anthony has worked with a wide range clients including restaurant owners, high rise developers, city planners, cultural foundations, and educational institutions. Even so, his favorite projects still involve designing custom homes for adventurous couples.

Anthony is a multi-disciplinary designer whose work encompasses architecture, interior design, landscape design graphic design, branding, and social leadership. He is a strong believer in design authorship, embracing the parallel development of content and form.

And most importantly, Anthony is a proud husband and father. On weekends, his family can be found at the beach, enjoying LA's signature sunshine and spotty waves.



Márta Molnár - Product Manager & Architect at GRAPHISOFT HQ



Márta Molnár is an ARCHICAD Product Manager at GRAPHISOFT HQ, an architect and a trainer. With nearly 20 years of ARCHICAD experience, she has an extensive knowledge of the program and is currently responsible for new features in the upcoming versions.

Márta is a licensed Architect with more than 10 years of industry experience, including the roles of BIM Manager and Lead Architect. Márta has a broad understanding of BIM's role in the AEC industry, from both the architect's and the software vendor's point of view. As an Architect, she spent 8 years in the UK helping two large companies implement ARCHICAD and BIM into their everyday life, creating their office template files, CAD protocols and training their staff.

Márta has more than 10 years of training experience, and as a hobby, teaches ARCHICAD at the Technical University of Budapest.

Márta loves travelling, cycling, drinking good wine and chilling by any water, as she was born and raised by Lake Balaton - the biggest freshwater lake in Central Europe. Photography is her passion! Oh and certainly ARCHICAD!


Ákos Karóczkai - BIM Consultant at GRAPHISOFT HQ



Ákos Karóczkai is a BIM Consultant and Parametric Design expert at GRAPHISOFT, the developer of ARCHICAD based in Budapest, Hungary.

He graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as an architect. Working at GRAPHISOFT for almost 4 years, first as Technical Support engineer, then as BIM Consultant he took part in the GRAPHISOFT - McNeel collaboration to connect the leading BIM software solution (ARCHICAD) with the leading Parametric Design solutions (Rhino and Grasshopper). As a Parametric Design expert and BIM Consultant, he is responsible for trainings, creating demo materials and spreading new technologies at conferences and expos. His passion is to test new technologies and experiment with Rhino-Grasshopper connected to ARCHICAD.

Ákos enjoys eating all kinds of foods, accompanied by any kind of beer preferably in various points of the globe. He is an architect by education but a gaming geek by passion and a fierce board game enthusiast. Stay on your toes if it comes to Monopoly or Risk!





For nearly two decades, Veleda Miller has been implementing and training ARCHICAD to architectural and construction companies. With a degree in Construction Management, she first began as an ARCHICAD user, and had the opportunity to implement automated material calculations for various companies using ARCHICAD. She has trained hundreds of folks in ARCHICAD and provided services such as consulting, template development, and project assistance.

 In Veleda’s spare time, she has a daughter that insists on participating in every childhood sport activity available.  Otherwise she enjoys working with her family’s various endeavors including a retail store, campground, and an event venue. 


JARED BANKS - AIA - Shoegnome ArchitectS



Jared Banks AIA, was raised in New England (Connecticut), educated in Texas (Rice University), and worked in Minnesota for eight years before moving to Seattle, Washington in 2014. Jared is a licensed architect in the state of Washington. He has been using ARCHICAD since 2006 and running ARCHICAD user groups since 2009 (first in Minneapolis/St. Paul, then in Boston, and now in Seattle).

Jared started blogging about BIM, ARCHICAD, and the relationship between the practice of architecture and technology in 2010 when he founded Shoegnome, LLC to promote the use of BIM in residential firms. From 2010 through 2013 he was the GRAPHISOFT Agent for Minnesota, providing ARCHICAD training, support, and sales. If you haven’t watched one of his ARCHICAD videos, read one of his blog posts, or heard him speak at a user group, conference, or webinar, you've probably never googled an ARCHICAD question or attended an ARCHICAD event. Learn more at www.shoegnome.com or https://blog.graphisoftus.com/author/jared.

In 2015, Jared reincorporated as Shoegnome Architects in the state of Washington, transforming Shoegnome into an architecture firm with a primary focus on residential design. He often laments that his thriving residential practice limits the time he has to share ARCHICAD knowledge and help others improve their abilities. Writing this bio reminds him he should probably record a quick YouTube tutorial video.

Beyond ARCHICAD, Jared likes walking places with his wife and two daughters, being on the PTA board of Olympic View Elementary School,  listening to heavy metal, and telling himself one day he’ll play bass in a band again. 


GEOFF BRIGGS - AsSoc. AIA, Senior Staff at DeForest Architects


Geoff Briggs.png

Geoff entered the building trades as a union carpenter working heavy construction. Soon after he attended trade school and began a long career as a furniture maker and custom craftsman, a role he still enjoys despite spending most of his time now in design and project management. In the 90’s Geoff taught himself CAD, then taught others. Teaching led to a career in architecture which has been Geoff’s full time pursuit since 2000. Working in design firms opened Geoff’s eyes to more intelligent uses for computers in the construction industry. Frustrated with flatCAD, in 2002 Geoff bought himself a copy of ARCHICAD 8 and never looked back.

For the past seven years Geoff has been part of the team at DeForest Architects in Seattle where he manages their digital design efforts, VR lab, evaluates new software, and contributes to a variety of exciting projects in the Northwest and around the country. In addition to BIM proficiency and collaboration Geoff’s is a student of sustainable design, knowledge management, and peace in the barnyard.

When Geoff is not working he can be found backcountry skiing the snowy parts of the American west and British Columbia, hanging out with family on Whidbey Island, remodeling his old house, or enjoying one the Northwest’s many delicious IPAs.


James Murray - Associate at Rill Architects



James has over 20 years of experience using ARCHICAD in custom residential architecture. At Rill Architects in Bethesda, Maryland, he has developed comprehensive template and library solutions, greatly increasing efficiency for all projects, regardless size or style.

James has been a Beta tester since ARCHICAD 9, and works with GRAPHISOFT as a user consultant. He is a BIM enthusiast who takes a pragmatic, user-focused, approach to ARCHICAD. James is highly proficient in GDL. He loves what it can do, hates how it works, and understands completely if you want nothing to do with it. Let’s see how far we can get without it! (And, maybe, get a little farther with just a little bit of it.)

For 15 years he has hosted OnLand.info, probably the oldest ARCHICAD blog on the web. Here he shares tips and insights on all aspects of professional ARCHICAD use, in order to grow the ARCHICAD community and help users see the technology’s potential.

James decamped Florida in the early 90s for the Washington DC area, where he enjoys four seasons, endurance sports, beer, the Nationals, and his daughter finally being able to drive herself places.





Patrick has been an avid ARCHICAD user since graduation from the University of Oregon in 2006. He worked at several firms, focusing on the practical application of BIM for residential projects. He was the in-house software consultant and manager for a high profile Bay Area firm.

Two years ago, Patrick stepped out on his own, forming a training and consulting company, 4dProof. His focus has remained on small and medium projects, maximizing software and workflow efficiencies, leveraging ARCHICAD, among many other tools, to get the most out of the design and collaborative process.

When Patrick has any free time, he enjoys everything in the outdoors; from hiking to biking, and even mountain climbing. He is also an avid fan of BBQ and culinary experimentation.





Starting in 2007, during a mid-thirties career redirection, Brian was first introduced to ARCHICAD with version 9. The middle of the financial crisis found Brian fortunate enough to begin work at one of Winston-Salem’s premiere architecture firms with his first actual work in ARCHICAD coming in version 13 or 14. By AC17 Brian was beginning to manage BIM set up, template-making, and training responsibilities.

His passion lies in creating a continually evolving, customized template that makes work in the office easier, more efficient, and ultimately more enjoyable for his coworkers.

Wanting to provide a means of communication among local ARCHICAD Users, Brian set up a Slack group for online communication: the Winston-Salem ARCHICAD User Group Slack group. This provides a useful way for local users to ask questions, share tips, and generally engage with fellow ARCHICAD users.

Outside of work, Brian stays busy shuttling his kids (one of whom starts driving later this summer!) around to various sports, volunteer, or social activities. He also helps coach his son’s Little League baseball team, and enjoys listening to music. Given different financial circumstances, Brian could easily develop a very serious vintage guitar / amp and analog synthesizer addiction.


Link Ellis - ARCHICAD Technical Director at BIM6x



Link is a passionate BIM Implementer, specializing in ARCHICAD Training & Templates. With over 20 years in the industry, Link has extensive experience and knowledge of ARCHICAD. Clients have requested his services as far afield as the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, India, and the Middle East. 

Link has a long-standing relationship with GRAPHISOFT’s ARCHICAD development team, communicates with their technical support team daily, and has visited GRAPHISOFT headquarters in Budapest, Hungary on several occasions. Link is also an award-winning ARCHICAD alpha and beta tester since 2003, member of multiple ARCHICAD forums, and a highly respected and well-liked member of the ARCHICAD community.

As a former BIM Manager for a large architectural firm in Australia, Link has a proven track record for delivering custom templates and training solutions that provide positive results in efficiency, profitability and morale.

Link loves to travel, spend time with his family and friends, drink beer, alpine ski and mountain bike single track. Born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, Link now lives in gorgeous Ketchum/Sun Valley in Idaho and apart from missing the ocean, he absolutely loves living in the mountains!





Eduardo J. Rolón Bonilla, AIA NCARB is an architect and professor. In his nearly two decades of work as an architect, Eduardo has worked on projects of varying sizes, both in the public and private sector of the Caribbean, Asia and South Florida. In addition to having his own practice and serving as a BIM consultant to different architectural offices he has served as the director of the digital studio for the School of Architecture of the University of Puerto Rico (1998-2005) and School of Architecture of Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico since 2005. He taught at the bachelor and master’s level at those academic institutions. Eduardo received his master’s degree in architecture from the University of Puerto Rico. He currently teaches Advanced Design Studio, Construction Documents, ARCHICAD and CAD classes at Arqpoli Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico while spending way too much time moderating AC-Talk forums.


Chris Clark (Master of Ceremonies) - ARCHICAD Solutions Director at BIM6x



Chris received his Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University of Idaho in 1991. His internship included working for an architectural firm, a design/build firm, as well as working in residential construction. After several years, he began to focus more on architectural technology. In 1996, he founded Visual Motion, Inc. offering architectural and technology consulting to architects and builders throughout the intermountain west. It was then where Chris saw ARCHICAD for the first time while exploring different CAD options for the company. He was blown away by the power of ARCHICAD, which led to him becoming an ARCHICAD Solution Provider.

Ever since, Chris has focused his career on providing solutions and services utilizing this incredible technology. His passion for sharing this technology is evident in his trainings and workshops. He has successfully implemented ARCHICAD in hundreds of firms over the last 22 years. He has also worked on hundreds of consulting projects providing services from design to production/documentation and rendering/animation.

Chris loves fishing and the outdoors along with all sports, especially soccer. He also enjoys cooking, hanging with family and friends, and volunteering when time permits. 


Guest Speakers


JAKE TIMMONS, P.E. - Senior Associate at RiverStone Structural Concepts



Jake Timmons is a licensed professional engineer specializing in structural engineering. Jake has over 10 years of experience providing structural engineering services on a wide array of projects including bridges, industrial, residential, commercial, mid-rise and hospitality structures. As a Senior Associate at Riverstone Structural Concepts, the foremost leading experts in structural engineering integration in ARCHICAD in the United States, Jake has 8 years of experience using ARCHICAD as his firm’s sole drafting and modeling platform. He works with architects in all 50 states collaboratively through the BIM Server and ARCHICAD technology.

Jake enjoys listening to music (country mostly), playing the piano and guitar, skiing in the winter and golfing in the summer.




John Hallgarth.png

 John was raised in the Seattle area, and relocated to Southern California to earn a Construction Engineering Management degree from Cal. State Long Beach. During his studies is when he first started using ARCHICAD, in preparation for the ASC Design-Build competition in Reno.

While in school he began working for California’s largest GC, starting in the field, then to estimating, before landing in Virtual Design & Construction (VD&C). During this 10-year period, John lead and delivered BIM services on large scale projects including hospitals, high-rise residential, retail, education, hospitality, among several others. He also supported the self-perform concrete group where he detailed and provided layout using robotic total stations. Also, a master with a laser scanner.

In 2016, John left to pursue a new type of ARCHICAD template, one built specifically for construction. He founded 3DCONSTRUCTOR, LLC and has been developing CONTRABIM as an all-in-one solution for design to construction workflows.

Beyond ARCHICAD, John enjoys being outdoors and traveling the world. Hiking, cycling, golfing, beach volleyball and snow-skiing are some of his favorite activities. You’re likely to find him wakeboarding or water-skiing on Marine Stadium in Long Beach.


John Godak, P.E. - Principal at Elemental MEP


John Godak.png

John is an Idaho native and was raised in the Coeur d' Alene area. Schooling at the University of Idaho and then working in Boise brought him into the southern parts of the state. He now lives in the Idaho Falls area in southeast Idaho with his wife and three daughters. 

 It was during his college days and an internship in Boise that he first became interested in HVAC and building systems design. A true "geek" at heart, John also was, and still is, interested in the drafting and computing side of design. When he was introduced to ARCHICAD's MEP modeling tools and the collaborative advantages that are inherent to ARCHICAD it just made sense. The founding of Elemental MEP with several friends in the engineering & architectural community provided the way to merge a 20 year career in design with the coordination needs of modern buildings. And what's more, it's fun!

But not as much fun as being in the outdoors, enjoying the shooting sports, skiing and woodworking when time allows. John also enjoys traveling and spending time with his family.





Graham is an Architect and founding partner at Resin Architecture in Idaho Falls, ID. During his 22 years working within the architectural profession, he has constantly looked at ways to streamline processes and communications in his work.

Graham studied Civil Engineering with structural emphasis at Utah State University and later transferred to the University of Utah to pursue a degree in Architecture. While a student at the UofU, Graham has been using ARCHICAD for nearly 20 years, and since 1997, has been instrumental in establishing workflows, training teams, establishing branch offices and new architectural firms, and in pushing the envelope with what ARCHICAD can do for building design, documentation, fabrication processes, and in-field communications and construction coordination. 

Graham enjoys spending time with his family, exploring different countries, riding his bike and being in the forest. He is a self-taught graphic designer and he often translates his designs to print on vintage letterpress equipment.