Terms and Conditions

By registering for ARCHICAD by the Beach (herein called the “event”), attendees and guests accept the following terms and conditions:

Acceptance - By completing an online registration or by placing your booking over the phone or in any other format, you accept these Terms and Conditions.

Cancellation - Reservations cancelled on or before May 10, 2019 will be charged a $100.00/each guest and attendee cancellation fee. Reservations cancelled between May 11, 2019 and June 7, 2019 will be charged 20% of the total reservation. Reservations cancelled between June 8, 2019 and July 5, 2019 will be charged 50% of the total reservation. Reservations cancelled on July 6, 2019 or later are 100% non-refundable.

Availability - Registrations made after August 15, 2019 are subject to hotel availability. In the unlikely event that no space is available, you will receive a full refund.

Changes - BIM6x reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary, training content, or training schedule.

Liability - The event has been planned with attendee safety in mind. However, a certain degree of risk cannot be entirely avoided. Attendees agree to participate in all elements, including travel and excursions, at their own risk. Thus, they shall take full responsibility for any injury or damage caused by or happening to them during the event. BIM6x bears no responsibility in this respect. Your valuables are your sole responsibility. BIM6x staff or trainers will not be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage of personal property.

Passports and Visas - All attendees and guests must be in possession of a valid passport. Many countries require at least 6 months validity from the date of return. It is your sole responsibility to attain and maintain all necessary documentation. Refer to https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/sanfrancisco/index.php/visas-traveling-to-mexico

Travel & Event Insurance - We recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance, including coverage for medical treatment, accidents, repatriation, and trip or event cancellation and curtailment. It is your responsibility that you ensure you have appropriate comprehensive travel insurance.

Photography - We will take photographs and possibly video during the event, including the trip to Todos Santos, the sunset dinner cruise, the spouse / guest excursions, and any group activity or general instance. We may use these photographs and video for our website(s), on social media and in other promotional materials. By attending you agree to have your photograph/video taken and to be used as described above. If you are sensitive about this, please let us know before arrival.

Personal Data - By attending, you accept that your name/company name/title and quotes may appear on our website(s) or on social media. Your email address and other contact information will not be shared with anyone outside the event. All attendees will receive the contact details of all other attendees as part of admission.

Circumstances Beyond Our Control - In the unlikely event that we must cancel the event due to weather, natural disaster, war, political upheaval, or any other circumstance outside of our control, we cannot guarantee any refunds.

NOTE: All guests also agree to the RIU resort Terms & Conditions. The RIU Terms & Conditions can be found at https://www.riu.com/blog/en/terms-conditions/